Text forfatting and copywriting from Viken Kommunikasjon

Are you looking for text stuffing or copywriting? Then you've come to the right place. As a leading marketing agency in the Viken region, we clearly offer copywriting in Norwegian. Copywriting, i.e. writing text for marketing purposes, has become a very important marketing technique.

To show off to potential customers and search engines such as Google and Bing, it is very important to have engaging texts on their website. The more high-quality texts that deal with their own industry, service or subject area, the better!

In addition to producing texts that meet linguistic and grammatical requirements, we clearly deliver texts with exciting content. When we perform copywriting for our customers and partners, we go to great pain. We will conduct thorough preparatory work and carry out research to find out as much as possible on the topic we will be writing about. Our texts should appear as if a professional (if that's the subject area is what the text is about) has written it.

In addition to performing copywriting, i.e. text processing for marketing purposes, we can also write and be advisors to our partners for writing all texts for online use and print.

Engage potential customers with exciting texts

Little engages more than an exciting text. If you want to give a good impression to visitors to its website, and at the same time be able to raise awareness of what you are doing, selling, as well as their own values and history, then a good text will be able to deliver all this.

In addition to text ing and copywriting, we can also produce exciting media that can be added to an article to make it more exciting for readers. An attached photograph depicting some of their skilled employees will be able to look good in an article along with well-written text.

If you can't tell everything you want in one or more images and text, then maybe a video could hold? We have good expertise with film creation, and we can help integrate film commercials or introductory videos into articles, cover pages, social media and more.

If instead of or in addition to having text on your own website, we can of course also offer text for print. Our skilled graphic designers will also be able to create an exciting design for a nice brochure, flyer or similar that contains the text we have written. Through our contacts, we can of course also be able to deliver ready-made brochures, flyers and other prints.

Let's tell your story

It can be difficult to tell your own story. Questions such as: What to include?, What to exclude?, Is this as relevant to potential customers as it is for us?, often comes up.

When we conduct text writing on your behalf, we will include what we consider most exciting and information-rich, as well as relevant to the specific type of text we are going to write. If the focus is on introducing the company to new visitors to a website, then of course other criteria will prevail than if the text is aimed at an existing and loyal customer base.

If you are unsure how to proceed to write an informative, exciting and unique text, then it is so clear only to speak up. If you want the text to keep the same "tone of voice" and style as other existing text, then our skilled copywriters can post the text according to their desired lines.

Search engine-optimized text fatting

If you need copywriting for use on your own website. then we deliver the text SEO-ready. In this context, SEO-ready text means that we ensure that relevant keywords are included, as well as meeting keyword density and other formal requirements. If you want help with publishing, we will also be able to help top up with exciting media and use some on-page SEO tools to ensure a good SEO.

Of course, we can also assist in setting up blogs, conducting keyword analysis and forecasts, as well as assisting with advice on what and how often to publish to increase their digital visibility. SEO copywriting goes hand in hand with a general SEO initiative, and these two complement each other. If a website already has good SEO, then also published SEO texts could provide much better effect than if the page has suboptimal SEO.

If you are unsure how your site is doing on SEO, we may be able to take a look. We will inform you of any measures we recommend, but you are the one who decides what you want and to what budget. 

If you are wondering anything about our SEO texts, copywriting or text processing in general, just get in touch.

Do you have a challenge or an exciting project? Check with us if we can help.