Online store in Viken and Fredrikstad provided by Viken Kommunikasjon

Do you want to start new or update your old online store? Then you've come to the right place. We at Viken Kommunikasjon are based in Fredrikstad, helping people, businesses and enterprises all over eastern Norway get online.

When businesses that live up to the sale of goods want to get online, online shopping is often the way to go. According to Static Central Agency, online shopping in Norway 5 has doubled in five years. With little or no growth in aggregated (total) turnover for physical retail trade in Norway, it has become difficult for many companies to fight for market share in a fully saturated market

With an almost fully saturated physical merchandising market, it's easier to gain market share in a growing e-commerce market. For this reason, the setup of online stores is one of Viken Communications' major priority areas.

Together with our contact network, consisting of partners and consultants related to a wide range of online services, we can form a comprehensive partner for digital marketing and online store setup. We can perform all of the technique, hosting, integration against cash register and POS, design and more.

Online store design

Owners of physical stores have put a lot of time and resources into carefully designing their physical store to make it seem as welcoming as possible to customers. Studies of consumer behaviour, human-oriented design and experience are used to design the store so that customers feel satisfied and leave as much money as possible. There is no reason why this also cannot apply to online stores.


When we design online stores, we do so with the customer's experience in focus. Shopping should be an experience and we work hard to assure customers that this experience will be positive.


There is much to be made to ensure customers a positive experience. We can mention important factors such as customer service, delivery time and more, but one factor that some tend to overlook is the design aspect. Very few want to leave time and money on a poorly designed online store where it is difficult to maneuver through the goods.

In order to ensure you the best possible starting point for satisfied customers, we methodically go to work when designing your online store.

Based on various design theories and our years of experience in setting up online stores, we design the online store so that the customer gets a positive user experience. A good UX, User eXerience, is key to building a loyal customer portfolio.

In order to deliver a good user experience (UX), we deliver aesthetically pretty and tidy online stores that are intuitively designed. That is, the customer easily understands what the functionality, how they can add items, remove goods and pay.

With a good UI, or user interface in Norwegian, customers will have a good experience in your online store and be able to easily maneuver their way through your product range.

Good user experiences = increased conversion!

Woocommerce, user-friendly for seller and buyer

In the past, it has generally been the most technology-savvy that has driven online sales through online stores. Fortunately, this time is over. Thanks to Woocommerce, anyone can sell online.

Woocommerce is a CMS, Content Management System, or publishing system in Norwegian. This publishing tool makes it easy for you to add items, make sure that shipping is automatically calculated and that payment occurs automatically through the online store. With woocommerce, it becomes easy to operate its online store, even for non-tech experts.

If you want an online store that needs minimal hosting, we can offer a seamless integration with their cash register or POS system. Then the online store will be able to share inventory with your physical store, and items added to the store will also be added to the online store.

We clearly deliver web design and self-designed Woocommerce website, which is designed exactly the way you want it.

SEO for Online Store – be seen by potential customers

Unfortunately, it's so that it often doesn't last to have a great online store with great goods, if no one knows about the online store's existence. Here we come and SEO into the picture.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization in Norwegian is all about designing a website to make it optimally readable for Google's crawlers. When a page is search engine optimized, it's much easier to get traffic through search results in Google.

We can help make sure your online store pops up in Google when someone searches for relevant keywords that reflect products you sell in their online store. After a focus on SEO has been completed, the results will be able to persist for several months and years. Therefore, this is very often a very good investment. An investment in SEO gives the vast majority of companies a good return on their efforts. 

Our online stores always come with a good degree of search engine optimization, but if better placements in Google are desirable, then we can deliver a solid SEO package for their company and online store.

Development of online store

As a leading supplier of online stores in the Viken area, we are of course carrying out the development of online stores. Our skilled employees can, in accordance with our professional partners, deliver fast, powerful and secure online stores made from scratch.

With a custom-developed online store, you can choose exactly which features are current and how it should work. A powerful self-developed online store along with a good web design will help give your online store a professional feel and a good enough capacity to serve thousands of customers.

Do you have a challenge or an exciting project? Check with us if we can help.